A Review of Cortney Fletcher's eCom Babes Course

eCom Babes is a six-week e-commerce course created by an eCommerce expert, Cortney Fletcher. The eComBabes course helps women start their own online store and fulfills the ultimate goal to become financially independent.

This online eCommerce course will teach you everything you need to know about building a successful store. From finding your niche, creating an irresistible product, setting up customer service, launching your store on social media--EcomBabes has it all.

After success in the e-commerce world, she now has time to dedicate her day to helping other entrepreneurs reach their goals and living a life free from a 9-to-5 job. Thousands of women worldwide have used this online eCommerce course to create their own profitable businesses that have given them the freedom and control they crave.

In this eCom Babes review, I’ll be taking a detailed look at the founder, Cortney Fletcher, and her training course to see what separates it from the other e-commerce programs currently on the market.

Cortney Fletcher's Background Information

As an eCommerce expert, Cortney Fletcher has made a living from selling online using dropshipping combined with her unique promotional methods. She has a knack for identifying niche products that she knows will sell.

In a business world where women are not as common to follow the entrepreneurial path as men, her mission has been to help other females learn how to be successful in the world of e-commerce. She started the eCom Babes course after starting her web business the ground up which then grew it into a highly successful online company.

Her bio on the eCom Babes website discusses her realization of her path of getting a traditional college degree versus blazing her path as an entrepreneur with unlimited potential. Upon realizing this harsh reality, Cortney dropped out of college. Cortney started her career in many different fields before finally finding her success as an e-commerce store owner.

Cortney’s first few stores were failures, but she prevailed when she invented the Connective eCommerce method which is covered in the eCom Babes course. This novel approach to eCommerce eliminates many of the time-consuming and expensive tasks one is typically faced with when running an eCom store.

Within this system, you won't have to worry about inventory management or any order logistics. You can focus on the core processes of running a successful business. Using a business model taught in the eCom Babes course, Cortney was able to generate thousands of orders for her various e-Commerce businesses.

After decoding this system, Cortney Fletcher wanted to share her strategies with those willing to put in the time and effort by creating a course and selling it.

Cortney helped hundreds of people across the world who yearned for flexible, enjoyable lives by teaching them how to run profitable online stores that offer freedom from the traditional 9-5 lifestyle. Her course is designed to teach other women how they can start an e-commerce business or take their existing enterprise to the next level.

What is the Price of the eCom Babes Training?

Prices for courses like this will often fluctuate because they’re constantly being enhanced or sometimes offered at promotional rates.

To get the most accurate pricing on the eCom Babes course, you'll need to attend the virtual training which can be accessed via their website.

By paying the course fee, you'll gain unlimited viewing of the seventy-two training videos and the live Q and A sessions which run two times a week. With her experience and knowledge from years in the industry, Cortney is a valuable resource for anyone on their way to start their own e-commerce business.

As with anything you invest time in, the more effort that you put into a course determines how much knowledge and skill that will return for purchasing. If you are willing to gain new skills and put in enough effort, then Cortney's eCom Babes course is likely worth your expense.

Beyond the cost of the course itself, you'll still have to dish out some extra cash for things like website hosting (Shopify is recommended) as well as a domain name for your site to be found at. There are other websites hosting solutions out there that would allow beginners using her methods to do so without any problems.

Shopify just provides the best experience for those just starting off on their own online business endeavors specifically due to its user-friendly tools and established reputation.

A Breakdown Of The eCom Babes Training Structure

The eCommerce Babes program is an online course consisting of six modules. The main advantage to completing online courses such as this is that you can learn at your own pace.

As of the last update, there are a total of 72 lessons included in the course with all tutorial content recorded professionally with a high-quality camera. It's set up to help people start their own online store through clean and straightforward, over-the-shoulder training to avoid any confusion.

Each week is divided into different parts focused on a particular topic:

First Week - Mindset & Foundations

Cortney spends the first week going over how to build an entrepreneurial mindset. The videos in this first module focus on some of the concepts that will help you be successful both personally and professionally by providing mental revision. This module will arm you with the proper mindset to get you prepared for future success.

Second Week - The New Age of Commerce

This week is about how eCommerce functions in the new age. It covers high-level ideas in the eCommerce industry, like why it's a great way to sell stuff today and a powerful chance for people to take advantage of with little financial risk.

From there, Cortney offers tips on finding your niche or product segment before diving into dropshipping as one method that can be used by someone who has little capital but still wants something online they're passionate about selling by limiting upfront costs.

Third Week - The 7 Figure Store Anatomy

The 7 Figure Store Anatomy course is designed to teach you how to build a store from scratch. You’ll learn through practical examples how to complete tasks like registering your own domain and setting up your shop on Shopify, including guidelines for selecting the right theme and determining the proper branding.

Week Four - Setting Up Social

In this section, Cortney shares how to set up an Instagram and Facebook account for your store because these social networks offer an easy way for retailers to reach new customers without spending a lot of money.

This section also talks about customer data. This will help you understand your customers better and be able to respond to their needs or preferences.

Fourth Week - Setting Up Your Socials

Cortney offers a step-by-step guide on how to set up an Instagram and Facebook account in this section. She also discusses how customer data can offer valuable insight into what they want or need from an online retailer.

Fifth Week - Connective eCommerce

In week five, Cortney finally breaks down her 'Connective E-commerce approach, showing tactics she successfully used managing her own eCommerce shops.

Using dropshipping and affiliate partnerships, the Connective E-Commerce concept is a great way to generate new sales.

In her training, Cortney points out that developing credibility for your eCommerce store is essential if you want customers to take you seriously and make orders.

This strategy can help new entrepreneurs looking for low-risk opportunities to grow their fledgling businesses.

Sixth Week - Scaling to 6 and 7 Figures With Ads

Cortney explains how to use Facebook Ads and other more advanced techniques in order for sites to increase sales.

Cortney demonstrates social media ads she’s set up and offers guidance on imitating the same gains with your own stores.

Extra Videos & Resources

Beyond the six weeks of content, there is an introduction section, updated strategy updates, and digital resources. There are also live Q+A sessions recorded from past broadcasts.

The eCom Babes online course provides a number of downloadable resources for tasks like constructing and advertising profitable eCommerce campaigns.

A Truly Valuable Asset: The eCom Babes Facebook Group

One of the best benefits of taking the course is being able to participate in the eCom Babes Facebook Group. This private community for online business owners has over 5,700 members and is meant to help your online store succeed.

By joining this group, not only will you receive helpful advice from other entrepreneurs who have succeeded in building their own companies but also access to live Q&A sessions that take place every Tuesday at 7 PM EST and Thursday at 4 PM EST.

The discussion forum allows for many opportunities on topics including strategy, branding, and profitable products.

Is The eCom Babes Course Actually Legit?

Ecom Babes is an online training program that teaches you the ins and outs of selling products on your own website.

The eCom babes community has over 4,500 members who are actively engaged in 45 different industries. You can view the various success stories from these active customers through their website: https://www.ecombabes.com/pages/reviews

Those interested should be ready to motivate themselves and take action if they want results. Results will vary depending on the effort put into following the material. It is recommended that you don't invest in any course until you are ready to motivate yourself and take action.  

Ending Verdict: eCom Babes Reviews

The eCom Babes course is an excellent program for people who want to make a change in their lives and start an online business. We believe that this purchase is worth it because of all the digital lessons, downloadable resources, and stellar Facebook community offered by Cortney Fletcher.

If you're not looking to grow and expand now, don't invest. This information by Cortney Fletcher & eCom Babes course is great for learning how to improve your online boutique, but it still requires actual effort and following her advice through action. We look forward to seeing more women entrepreneurs learning e-commerce skills and starting their own stores.